Monday, June 7, 2010


Now this gives me the shits.

My darling younger sister who, as I write, is sitting with a huge tummy and is at term. I had lunch with her today and she took a tablet she was told that would help bring on labour.

I looked at the bottle and it had "(some stuff that doesn't matter) 30C" on the bottle.

For those not in the know, 30C means dilute the
(some stuff that doesn't matter) 100 times and then do that over and over 30 times. This means a dilution of 1 in 10^60.

So if you wanted to consume 1mg of
(some stuff that doesn't matter) you'd need to consume 10^60 mg of this product. That's 10^57 grams which which is 10^54 kg of pills.

This is a bit over 10^29 earths. To turn this into a number you might recognise that's ten thousand trillion trillion earths.

So to recap, get 1 mg of
(some stuff that doesn't matter) and mix with ten thousand trillion trillion earths worth of sugar.

Shake well.

Take 5g of this and make into pills.

Sell for $8 to a young mother (who is not exactly flush with money) trying to bring on labour.

And who offered this advice to my sister?

The midwife from the Hospital.

And for those who don't know - I live in Australia.

I am seething.

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