Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Best Calendar Application for iPad and iPhone

So you've got yourself an iPhone. If you've got a busy diary it makes sense to use the iPhone as a calendar. You always have it with you, you can update it in a flash and it will remind you when appointments are due.

So at first you will use the native iPhone calendar. It's not too bad, it has a nice look and feel, but after awhile you'll find it has limitations. For example you can't enter any repeating appointments like on the second Sunday in the month. Or the calendar starts on a Sunday and in your country it starts on a Monday.

So you decide to fork out the big dollars and buy a commercial App that has more features. But how do you choose of the myriad of options in the App store?

Well you can ask the internet. Unfortunately the internet seems a bit wishy washy on this subject. So this blog entry is to rectify the situation and set the record straight with a definitive answer.

I basically bought and tried just about all of the Calendar Apps out there to decide which was best. Yes this cost me money, but it's my most important App and I'm willing to get the best.

First, here's what is important to me in a calendar:
  • Must be able to choose the start day of the week.
  • Must look nice. This means nice to my eye. I am the final judge on this.Gaudy Windows-like 16 colour palette is a big no-no. If you must have these colours then at least give me the option to change them.
  • Repeating appointments must be extremely flexible. For example if you can't do the third Sunday of every 15th month then it is not good enough.
  • If you can do the above then explain that in plain English when I have clicked it. I need to be sure.
  • You must access the native iOS calendar
  • You must access any google calendars. All seamlessly and easily.
  • You must be able to cut/copy/paste appointments quickly and easily.
  • You must follow the basic look and feel of iOS. This is what makes the iPhone and iPad so good. I don't want to learn a new interface.
  • Quickly go from day view to week view.
So, what App do you need? There is no question Week Calendar is the best choice. Bar none. At AUS$1.99. It does all the above and more. I was so happy when I found it. My problems were solved.

Or were they?

So my eyes are getting old and the small 3GS iPhone screen is getting annoying. An iPad was what I decided to get rather than a new iPhone.

The native iPad calendar is not bad. It looks good - it is very pleasing to the eye, but it fails on many of the above points. No problem, Week Calendar has an HD iPad version...


Will they did. And now they don't. According to the website, twitter and emails they have one, but it is awaiting approval on Apple. This has been going on for six months it seems.

Now the developer of Week Calendar is extremely supportive and responsive in all areas except this. Maybe he's being diplomatic, or maybe not. Is it really Apple?

What's going on???

So a few weeks back I gave up and decided to check out all other iPad calendar Apps in hope of finding a decent replacement. After stumping up money I finally reached the conclusion that there isn't one. A few come close, but then fail at the finish line. Nothing comes close to Week Calendar on the iPhone.

So I have finally settled on using CalenMob to view the calendar (it has gaudy colours, but it starts on a Monday) and I use Week Calendar (the iPhone version) to create and change appointments.

This is entirely unsatisfactory, but I have no choice.

@weekcalendar your mission is this: at least give us the real story and a date to look forward to. I cannot believe there is not a decent calendar application for the iPad.

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